Evernew, Evernow


This is Ravi.§

He is six and three-quarters years old.§

He tells everyone, “I’m almost seven.”§

Ravi loves flowers, and trees and animals.§

And all of nature.§

But he doesn’t like scary things.§

Or people fighting.§

Or being bored.§

Or bullies.§


In Ravi’s neighborhood there lived§

a mysterious old gentleman with white hair and soft hands.§

He didn’t have a family, but he never seemed lonely. §

He never said much but he always had a ready smile§

and a friendly greeting for Ravi whenever they met.§

Ravi found him to be gentle and kind.§

He fed the animals that lived in the forest, and they ate §

right out of his hand. No one knew his name, so they just §

called him Mr. Sadhu, which means hermit.§

Sometimes he and Ravi would chat after school.§


One day after school a bully began pushing Ravi around.§

He snatched Ravi’s school work and scattered it all over the§

place, and then kicked Ravi’s bicycle across the lawn.§


Rather than fight back, Ravi decided to§

keep quiet and just get out of harm’s way. §

He quickly grabbed his bicycle and rode it§

home as fast as he could.§

On the way home Ravi saw Mr. Sadhu. §

Mr. Sadhu noticed Ravi’s skinned knees§

and his red, tear-stained face.§

“Ravi, What happened?” §

Ravi told the story.§


Ravi explained how he had been bullied and said§

he couldn’t stop being upset about it. His brand new bike§

had dents and scratches where there weren’t any before. §

And now he had to do all that schoolwork over again!§

Every time he thought about what had happened§

a new wave of anger and resentment washed over him.§

It was a terrible feeling.§


“Here, Ravi, let’s sit down and talk about it.” §

They sat on the bench outside the forest.§

“Ravi, did you know there’s a magical place §

you can go when you’re upset?§

When you’re lonesome or sad or even just bored?§

It’s a beautiful place, and you can go there whenever you want.§

No one—no matter how much bigger and stronger they are— §

can ever take it away from you. Ever. Because it’s§

right inside you! I call it the Evernew Evernow.Ӥ


“It’s Evernew because it’s always fresh, never quite the§

same, and you can make it any way you want it.§

It’s Evernow because that’s just what it is!§

It’s just Now. No future. No past.§

“There’s nothing there that can make you feel bad, §

because everything that makes you feel bad is either §

something that’s already happened in the past,§

or something you think or you are afraid §

might happen in the future.Ӥ


“In the Evernew Evernow you can visit §

so many beautiful places.§

“You can be immersed in the Ocean of Peace.”§


“Or be invigorated by the Mountain of Strength.”§


“You can relax in the Forest of Beauty.”§


“Or you can float down the River of Love. And these places §

are so peaceful, Ravi. In the Evernew Evernow, there’s no worry,§

no resentment, no anger, no hurt feelings.§

No feeling bored or lonely.§

“If you are upset you can find these places inside §

yourself, and that will make you feel so much better.§

In the Evernew Evernow you are always alright, right now.§

Can you say that, Ravi?Ӥ

“I’m alright right now,” Ravi said. As he heard himself§

say those words, he began to feel better. “I’m alright right now.” §

He liked the way that made him feel.§


Ravi then realized he really was alright right now. §

“But how exactly do you get to the Evernew Evernow?”§

“You go inside yourself, and you try to find the quiet place §

within yourself that is always there. You ride in on the breath.§

“Breathe from the diaphragm, so your tummy goes out §

when you inhale and back in when you exhale.§

Slow your breathing down and make it regular, same §

number of counts in and out. You can use your§

heartbeat to count by.Ӥ


“The breath is like a great ship that §

can take you across the turbulent seas§

of thoughts and emotions and to a calm, safe island.Ӥ


“Find the part of yourself that has never changed—that’s always been §

the same, since the day you were born. Ask yourself this question: §

‘Am I not all right, right now, right this instant?’ And answer, ‘I’m all §

right, right now.’ Declare that.§

“Then a minute later, in another now, ask again, ‘Am I all right, right §

now?’ Just keep asking this one question for the rest of your life, and §

you will always feel positive, self-assured and fine.Ӥ


“It may take a few tries, but keep trying, you’ll find it.§

Keep looking for that place inside you, and don’t give up until §

you find that quiet place, and when you do, you forget§

about the future. You forget about the past.§

All there is is Now.§

“See Ravi, we can choose how we feel. We really can.§

We can’t control what happens to us, §

but we can control how we react to it.§

It’s always your choice.”§


“If you are ever bothered by anything, just return to this inner, §

peaceful state. You might call it your ‘home base.’§

If we find we are upset, or sad, or insecure, §

in we go, to that center of ourselves that is§

always serene and happy.Ӥ

“Thank you, Mr. Sadhu! I really like the Evernew Evernow!” §

“Well, tell your friends about it. It’s there for everyone.§

You can teach your friends how to be all right right now, too.Ӥ


“Go inside your mind and visit §

the beautiful places inside yourself.§

You can do it too. Anytime you’re troubled for any reason, §

scared or worried, or bored, remember the Evernew Evernow.§

“Remember, you’re all right right now!§

Say to yourself, ‘I’m all right, right now.’”§