Honoring Siva Yogaswami

All that is here, all that I have as a monk... my life, my mission, my path, the glorious unfoldment we strive for every day, the magical manifestation of Gurudeva's vision for Kauai Aadheenam and Iraivan and Saiva Siddhanta which spreads across the world... It is all here because of Siva Yogaswami and the Guru Parampara.

Today on Ashlesha Nakshatra, the monks honor the great sage of Columbuturai, Jaffna. In the dim hours at dawn (we had to enhance the photos by adding light...) in the Guru Peetham we have a small shrine with Siva Yogaswami. We honored him with a small arati before the morning meditation. Not a day goes by when I do not reflect on his Natchintanai or Good Thoughts! They are the lodestar, the North Star, keeping my head held high, with the unfailing knowledge - Intha aanmaa nitthiyam - The soul Is eternal! We share some of his words...

Kodi Maram Unwrapped

Today the Kodi Maram was removed completely from its crate and prepared for Larry Conklin, our crane operator, to place it in the Nandi Mandapam. The bottom of the Kodi Maram is wrapped with lead sheets to preserve the wood. Brass screws are used to secure to lead sheets to the Kodi Maram.

Day-long Drive to Jaffna & Halt at Ganesha Shrine at Elephant Pass

At 6:30 am Innersearch pilgrims brought their luggage down to the lobby at Jetwing Blue Hotel in Negombo. We have a long day ahead to Jaffna. After breakfast the pilgrims split up and boarded into two buses, the Banyan bus and the Cow gomatha bus. Lunch was in Anuradhapura. The stop at Elephant Pass Ganesha Shrine was to pay homage to Lord Ganesha for our journey and to immerse us in the memories of the path taken by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami many decades ago when he undertook his journey to meet Paramaguru Yogaswami.

Clearing the Ford Culverts

To go to Himalayan Acres, which is what we call the agricultural endowment lands on the south side of the river across from Iraivan, requires that we drive one mile north of the Aadheenam and then take a left to go west and across the river.

To make that crossing we go over a ford that has about 10, two-foot culverts buried in concrete that take river water under the flat surface that provides a bridge over the rocky base of the river. Of course, when the river is in spate, then 5 feet or more of water flows above the ford, and we cannot makes the crossing.

Recent floods blocked the culvert with rocks and even when the river was low, we could not cross.

Acharya Arumugaswami, who heads the noni operation, was determined to clear the culverts which make ford crossable ever when the river is a little high. Off we went for adventure on dry, sunny day to see what could be done.

Visit to Yogaswami Thiruvaddy Nilayam in Colombo

The Innersearch pilgrims together with the monastics has an informal breakfast at the Jetwing Hotel in Negombo and later assembled at the lobby to board two large buses for an hour and half ride to Colombo to meet a band of Yogaswami Devotees at the Yogaswami Thiruvaddy Nilayam.

Sri Lanka Innersearch 2019 Welcome and Reception

Today pilgrims began to arrive in Negombo for the 2019 Sri Lanka Innersearch program. Some arrived as early as yesterday and by 3:00pm today the whole group had arrived.

The Jetwing Blue Hotel staff gave a warm welcome and provided an efficient room registration, despite us having such a large group. At 5:00pm the entourage gathered at the lobby to be shuttles in small passenger buses to a nearby hotel ballroom. Pilgrims waited outside for Satguru Bodhinatha's arrival with his monks. He was welcomed with a troupe of Kandyan dancers

Visiting a Sri Lankan Coconut Grove

Today our monks in Sri Lanka are having a day of adjustment to their new timezone before the 2019 Innersearch program begins. A good time for some light activities with Rishi Thondunathan are the Negombo area. Today we visited a small coconut grove to learn how the juice is harvested from coconut flowers. This sap is commonly used to make jaggery sugar, and if left to ferment, can make alcoholic drink known as toddy. Harvesters of the sap are nicknamed "Toddy Tappers" because the flower must be tapped on for 2 to 4 weeks with a wooden mallet before the sap begins to flow. The trees are all connected by three ropes for the toddy tappers to walk on. They will scale one tree and then go around the whole grove tapping the flowers for the day and collecting the sap.

Innersearch Team Arrives in Sri Lanka

After a 4-hour flight from Singapore, the Innersearch staff arrives at the Colombo airport, greeted by Thondunathan and his team of Sivathondars. Off to the Jet Wing Hotel.

Kodimaran Wakes Up After 10 Years – Going to Iraivan

It was in 2009 that a giant tall teak tree was harvested and purchased in Karnataka. It came to our site for carving and arrived in Nawiliwili harbor on December the 17th, 2009. From there he was placed into hibernation, in the "Loha Guha" (a giant metal QUONSET HUT warehouse at the Aadheenam.) Today after ten years, the pole is on the move, soon to be the Dhvajasthambham or Kodimaram of Iraivan.

Carpentry Project Underway

Jnanideva Cevvel came down from cold, cold, Edmonton, Canada to work with Acharya Kumarnathaswami on finising up the last corner of the media studio.

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