New in Siva’s Garden

The sacred garden, like life, is always full of surprises. Sometimes a family of pigs bring a surprise of devastation, sometimes a gnarly vine brings a surprise of flowery show. Today four surprises came to us. And none was of the porcine kind.

Hinduism Today Library of Congress Project

The Library of Congress requested we send them all the Hinduism Today magazines going back to the first issue of December, 1996 to the present. Fortunately we have boxes of the Hinduism Today Collector's Set, all the issues from 1996 through 2010. Sannyasin Muruganathaswami searched through our collection of back issues at the monsastery and Sannyasin Shanmuganathaswami and Natyam Mayuranatha visited our warehouse in Sugar Creek, Missouri for the issues from 2011 to July-August-September of 2017. We were missing only one issue, October-November-December 2014, but Amala Seyon was able to provide us with a copy. Jai Ganesha!

On Pilgrimage

This morning the Ganapati Kulam had the pleasure of hosting Dharmalingam Siddhan, his wife Courtney and their daughters Dhara and Nira. The family is here on a short pilgrimage from the east coast. While here Dharmalingam shared a wonderful story of his first meeting with Gurudeva in 2000. For a long time Dharmalingam has offered his consistent help each quarter by doing an important part of drafting of our Hinduism Today web edition. Many blessings to this wonderful family. We hope to see them again soon. Aum Namah Sivaya.

Mysticism and Religion: Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami’s Latest Talk

Sadasivanathaswami Sadasivanathaswami's Latest Upadeshas - Mysticism and Religion
Mysticism and Religion (July 11,2017)

To Gurudeva mysticism was like the heart and soul of us and religion was the body that gives the heart and the soul some sustainability, some substance. He had a strong view that you need both. And he celebrated the idea that in Hinduism we have both.

Master Course Trilogy, Living with Siva, Lessons 305, 250.
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Meeting with the Hindu American Foundation staff in NYC

While Satguru was in New York City, Mat McDermott and Sheetal Shah, staff of the Hindu American Foundation, seized the opportunity and met for lunch with Satguru.

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